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We aim to improve your body, hair, and skin health while giving your cuisine the dreamiest taste with our saffron.


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The Noavaran Sabah Giti  saffron brand is called Ghaaneh, and it is produced, tested, and packaged at the Ghaaneh factory.  The quality of our products is tested in international approved laboratories before export. 

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We proud that our company products have the best quality based on international tests. Noavaran Sabah Giti offers a variety of saffron products and packages. 

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We have all ISOs which include ISO9001, quality management system, ISO14001, the  environment, ISO22000, food safety, and ISO45001, health and safety.

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Our company is one of the largest saffron suppliers, which guaranteed the quality in all kind of saffron around the world.

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Saffron known as the red gold is the most expensive spice in the world. The red gold is a great gift ....

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Noavaran Sabah Giti offers a variety of saffron products and packages. You can order them here.

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    One of the days when I was browsing the internet, I accidentally met the innovators, and after that, I did not see any place in the sale of saffron, their work is really great.



    I depressed and I don't want to use chemical medications, so I started using saffron with my doctor's suggestion, since then I feel I don't need anti-depression treatments.

    Marvin McKey


    I am a chef in an international restaurant, since I ordered saffron from Noavaran Sabah Giti, I can see a wonderful taste and color in my recipes.


    makeup artist

    I used saffron in milk and ice as an effective skin mask. I offer my clients to use it.

    Zhang wie


    Everyday I drink a cup of saffron tea, in order to start an energetic day. It is really effective.

    Wang meng Xing


    Near a year ago, my doctor suggested me to drink a cup of water with a pinch of saffron powder in it. After that I have a very calm sleep.


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